Pedigree ranchos beef

Pedigree ranchos beef


Satisfy your dog's natural instincts with Pedigree Ranchos - a range of delicious and tender treats, made to spark your dog's happiness.

They are carefully dried to have the tantalising smell and taste that dogs adore.

With different flavours to choose from: beef, chicken, lamb.

Pedigree Ranchos Originals contain 95% meat and animal derivatives.

What's more, they have no artificial colours or flavours.

- Delicious and tender dog treats, made to spark your dog's happiness

- With beef: 95% meat and animal derivatives

- Feed whole or tear into smaller pieces, either way you'll be treating your dog with the thing he likes best

- Complementary pet food developed by nutritionists and vets at The Waltham Centre

- Delicious dog treats that contain no artificial colours or flavours

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