Each tuff on the spray contains between 25 to 50 millet seeds, and a full millet spray depending on the variety purchased will be between 6 – 18 inches in length and contain hundreds or thousands of seeds, so you can imagine how many seeds a bulk box of millet sprays contains. Millet sprays can be cut to size and then attached to a birds cage or aviary, that are imported primarily from countries such as China, India, Korea and the USA.

Unlike some grains or cereals, millet is an extremely hardy, easy to grow, insect resistant crop and will happily grow in poor soil or arid conditions, that is also used by farmers especially in the USA for livestock feed, not just for birds as a complimentary treat for pet birds.

Parrots in particular, not only enjoy eating millet, but also like to shred the tuffs from the stalk, which is very entertaining to watch. Millet Spray is also useful to wean babies on and can encourage them to eat, for instance immature parrots can be fed millet spray that’s been soaked in warm water, even though they have yet to peck at seeds!

Millet Sprays are gluten free and a rich source of vitamin B and trace metals, that are high in carbohydrate and low in fat, that contain approximately 10% protein and can be soaked, then allowed to sprout increasing their nutritional value, but it’s important to wash the sprouted seeds before feeding them to your birds.

Millet spray is also beneficial for ill or convalescing birds and parrots, as many breeders report that by offering millet bird’s are often encouraged to eat more at a time when they don’t feel well, increasing their overall food intake.
Rich source of B vitamins and trace metals
Weaning food for young birds, that’s gluten free.
High in carbohydrates, low in fat with approximately 10% protein.
Natural, nutritious treat ideal for most aviary birds, including parrots.

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